Fuel level sensor (FLS) is a device designed to continuously monitor fuel consumption in all types of vehicles and stationary objects.

Italon FLS measures level of fuel in stationary tanks and tanks of vehicles, gives a comparison of the actual and planned consumption of combustive-lubricating materials, shows information about refueling and drains. The sensor can be used in conjunction with satellite transport monitoring systems devices (GPS/GLONASS) of different manufacturers. The sensor does not affect the operation of all other parts of the vehicle.


High-precision result

Italon FLS is called the best among capacitive sensors. It delivers highly accurate results (possible error not more than 1%) and is offered at a very affordable price. Besides, in comparison with sensors from other manufacturers, our sensor has many other advantages:

  • standard length of the sensor is 1000 mm, while others are 700 mm only
  • no visible fasteners, which ensures additional protection against intruders
  • sensor comes with a sealing kit
  • sensor connector and seat are compatible with some other suppliers
  • sensor connector and sealed lead-in are integral to increase protection against fuel and moisture

Operational concept


The data are transmitted to GPS/GLONASS ttraker. It does not matter what input the tracker has. The sensor has no modifications, the data are read through the serial digital (RS-485) interface, analog or frequency output. LLS data transfer protocol is supported.



Characteristics Value
Analog output signal range: From 0 to 20V
Frequency output signal range: From 30 to 2000 Hz
Digital signal range From 0 to 4095
Interface for digital data exchange with external devices RS-485
DC power supply voltage from 7 to 40V
Operating temperature range, °C from minus 40 to plus 80
Relative reduced measurement error, not more than 1%
Power consumption: 0.55 W, not more than 0.9 W

Certified quality

Italon sensor has all appropriate certificates of quality. By purchasing Italon fuel level sensors, you get a reliable partner and a device that easily and effectively copes with the task of fuel control. The reliability of the system is confirmed by a high level of fault tolerance and high measurement accuracy.

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