About us

After many years of work in telematics sale and service business, the company's customers «GEO System» increasingly had the need for more functional and high-quality fuel level sensors.

Thus, the team of professionals gave birth to the idea of creating a completely new sensor that would meet all the requirements of integrators. First of all, the sensor is of the highest quality and is sold for an affordable price. Secondly, it is a reliable device that corresponds to the whole list of consumer properties.

Thanks to the efforts of our developers and the joint work of designers and programmers, in just six months, we managed to make our idea real. Subsequently, this fruitful work was the first step to the emergence of our own brand, ITALON.

Our company has carefully considered all the wishes of consumers. Based on our own experience in working with monitoring systems, we have released a product that is truly reliable and durable. Italon fuel level sensors will solve your long-standing problems and help you grow your business. This product is always available on stock. Owners of heavy and agricultural equipment, taxis, as well as companies engaged in logistics, passenger and cargo transportation, choose our brand.